Our Services

Our Primary Services include Shortage Mitigation, WBENC Incentivized Procurement, and Global Sourcing & Savings.

Shortage Mitigation

Extended lead times, changes in demand and supply chain disruptions can cause unexpected component shortages. Our global sourcing network utilizes a highly qualified vendor base with 30 years of history.

Our global product specialists promptly respond to your critical supply chain needs.

  • We source quality components through our highly monitored Approved Supplier Listing.
  • We maintain over 100 authorized lines dealing directly with the manufacturer or through the global franchised channel, certifying traceable product and 100% certified by the manufacturer.
  • We utilize multichannel global sourcing, franchised, direct, and open market.

  • We make informed purchasing decisions with market intelligence software and we rely on quality.

  • Rely on quality assurance for 100% traceable product with on-site testing for authenticity and functionality.


As customers look to streamline internal costs, we offer the ability to consolidate the lower priority vendors and AVL to one supplier – Serendipity.

  • We manage “one of” and “C class” suppliers, which can eliminate significant internal purchasing tasks and cost. We can remove 1000’s of unique supplier transactions per year. Customers view such consolidation as a cost savings.

  • Consolidating low value suppliers and paying a nominal mark up allows our customers to focus on where they can save the larger dollars.
  • Customers pass on to us the supplier cost and we agree on a standard mark up to consolidate and manage the order processing.


For our core customers we act as their Asian Commodity Management desk and are viewed as an extension of the customer rather than a supplier.

  • The foundation of our Strategic Sourcing Program is an Asian based electronic component franchised community that is built upon strong and long-standing relationships.
  • We work under NDA’s and customer’s provide access to demand and cost data for us to work to drive cost reduction and mitigate supply risks.

  • Our supplier network is strictly the franchised agent and distributor channel across five regions in Asia (China/HK, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea).

  • 24/7 Support -Our Customer Service Centers provide round the clock support every day. Our multilingual team supports all of your component needs.

  • Our goal is 15-20% savings on your Bill of Materials (“BOM”).  Lowering component cost creates positive PPV through our exclusive matching process and sales history review. You can expect a solid comprehensive strategy for present and future cost savings.

  • When you submit your BOM to Serendipity, our proprietary software scans our 29 year old sales history with over 1 million part numbers. We can quickly match and quote your requirements.